lunes, 26 de julio de 2010



Riccadonna is one of Gruppo Campari’s historical brands. It has a range of high quality Italian vermouths and, dry and sweet sparkling wines.

Of these the most well known are the sparkling wines; with a range of different tastes, styles and alcohol content, there is always a perfect option to bring a touch of sparkle and relaxed sophistication to any occasion.


Asti Riccadonna D.O.C.G. is a light sparkling wine, made with Moscato grapes, it is fruity and naturally sweet with a low alcohol content it is ideal at the end of every meal.

Ruby D.O.C.G. is light and fruity, it is an elegant sparkling red wine that is perfect with dessert. Its perfume recalls the scent of Bulgarian roses.


Riccadonna originated in 1921 in Canelli, a province of Asti, from the initiative of Ottavio Riccadonna who began producing Piedmont wines and vermouth.

From then the history of the company has been tightly tied to the area, which is found in the heart of where Moscato d’Asti is produced. Gruppo Campari acquired Riccadonna in 2003 and the following year production was transferred to Barbero 1891's modern structure.

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  1. me encanta este vino :D ,,son.mex.

  2. Hace un año me tome uno así en mi clase de enologia que rico me supo!